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company_seo_logo Mechanical inspector / commissioning


Ghana, Greater Accra, Greater Accra




Quality Control

Date: 31/01/2022

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We are urgently seeking for a mechanical inspector with experience also in commissioning combined cycles, who would be available for a 1 week site visit in Ghana to evaluate the state of preservation of 2 combined cycle plants (with GE Gas Turbines LM6000). 

Scheduled Departure:       probably the week of February 21, 2022

Working week:                  departure Monday and return Friday

The purpose of the site visit of 1 week would be:

  • General evaluation of the plant conservation status with visual inspection;
  • Suggest verifications and tests to be carried out on the main equipment of the simple cycle to define the state in which they are located before starting the commissioning process
  • Highlight the main missing activities to be able to start the commissioning process
  • The above assessments/notes will be reported in a visit note. NB: We will provide as input a set of check-lists and tests provided by the engineering team working on the project.




More details

Type of contract:Fixed-term contract
Employment duration:1 Week


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