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company_seo_logo Design engineer


Germania, Baviera, Garmisch-Partenkirchen


Edilizia/Ingegneria civile



Data: 17/06/2021

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Mission:  Presiding and coordinating the design activities on site.

Essensial duties:

The Design Manager is responsible for:

  • proposing code of conducts, guidelines and procedures to manage the design activities, to be approved by the Technical Services Director and in accordance with Tender office;
  • pursuing the design's target and monitoring the design activities, in accordance with the indications received from the Technical Services Director;
  • guaranteeing continuous support regarding design activities and processes to the different areas, projects and business units, intervening in the strategical and critical decisions to meet the defined Group's targets;
  • defining in accordance with the Tender office, the design, computations, methods and planning of construction activities throughout the entire execution phases of the project;
  • cooperating with the Tender office or PMs to identify the design activities that need to be outsourced, activating external consultancies, upon the basis of the internal resources available and the project requirements;
  • defining a set of requested technical specifications to simplify the research and selection of the external design studios and societies;
  • selecting and classifying the design and engineering suppliers, both on a national and international level, through inspections and audit, asking for support to the QHSE office, requesting for quotations/offers and defining the agreement for their contribution, together with the support of the Procurement office;
  • designating the Design Coordinator within his personnel design team, that will be responsible to coordinate the technical and design activities with the assistance of Area Managers and/or PMs;
  • defining and sharing the design template documents, databases and tools to be used in the design processes, while auditing the execution of the works to be made in compliance with internal guidelines both at a central and local level;
  • creating and updating a design and engineering suppliers' database to share these information with both corporate and local offices;
  • cooperating and follow-up with PMs/Area Managers/Project Technical office to verify the performance of the external studios complying with the project's schedule and budget, contributing to the claims preparation supporting the Legal office;
  • approving the technical drawings and computations, to follow the project's requirements, verifying their completeness and adequacy;
  • managing and controlling the design costs originated from possible project's variations;
  • deciding the way to cooperate with the Design offices of the Machinery and Components Business Units, coordinating the collaboration for cross-selling opportunities;


  • Bachelor's degree in civil or construction engineering/architecture or related field;
  • depth knowledge of the reference market, the solutions/services the company can provide and the company's competitors;
  • knowledge of the field of construction and familiarity with construction techniques, materials and tools, according to the different activities and projects;
  • familiarity with the technical standards, regulations, criteria and contents with which a construction project needs to be drafted;
  • excellent knowledge of English and, preferably, knowledge also of other languages (French, Spanish, Russian);
  • familiarity with the legislation concerting works contracts and public works and the relevant laws;
  • ability to reach make-or-buy choices;
  • ability to organise the activities in the framework of the process managed and in relation to the other corporate processes, identifying and removing the inefficiencies; 
  • relevant experience on similar roles;
  • experience within multicultural and international environment working for General contractor companies in private and public civil engineering projects;
  • good knowledge of design and engineering dedicated software such as AutoCad, Solidworks, Robot, Inventor, Revit, SAP;
  • good knowledge of MS Office Suite;

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Tipo di contratto:Contratto a tempo determinato
Durata dell'occupazione:24 Monate


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