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company_seo_logo Marine offshore advisor    


Congo, Pointe-Noire, Pointe Noire


Navigazione/Servizi portuali


Middle e Top Management

Data: 31/10/2020

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Main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Ensure compliance with Customer's Marine Manual, in relation vessels audits and management of action plans/findings;
  • Verify that the maritime activities are carried out correctly and without causing delays to other dept (Production, Drilling, etc..), supporting the Marine Experts assigned both to the Marine Base and offshore and giving them instructions;
  • Evaluate the possible solutions to be adopted for special maritime operations, with the support of the Marine Experts, particularly about the moving rig and barge hotels;
  • Check the correct supply of the marine oil (MGO), ensuring that the payment processes are carried out correctly;
  • Estimate and manage the budget of maritime activities and supervise the activities of the related Contract Administrators;
  • Coordinate the preparation of the budget and expenditure forecasts of the Logistics department, in collaboration with all departments and under the supervision of the division head;
  • Prepare the technical specifications for all tenders related to maritime activities, clarifying with their internal customers their needs and ensuring the optimization of costs for future contracts. In addition, manage the exchange of information for technical clarifications during the tenders, and propose solutions/making decisions for clarifications of an administrative nature;
  • Prepare and sign Purchase Requests (RDA) related to maritime activities, considering the future needs and preparing cost estimates;
  • Preparation of report/feedback for contractor related to maritime activities, and if necessary, also for all ancillary activities (e.g. suppliers of material handling services);
  • Check all the invoices for the marine services;
  • Ensure compliance with Client's rules related to the transportation of personnel and material from onshore to offshore and vice versa;
  • Manage the entry and exit of the vessel in the Republic of the Congo, through the contract of marine agency, control of invoices produced for the harbor taxes;
  • Supervise the correct loading of the Client's software;
  • Supervise the carrying out of air transport, supporting (or covering the absence) the Aviation Advisor. Communicate with the contractors to assist passengers and obtain take-off and landing permits as required;
  • Manage and support MEDEVAC, both air and marine, if necessary;
  • Support the Head of Logistics Department in the management of both onshore and offshore transport operations, to optimize the use of means of transport every day;
  • Support the Head of Logistics of Transport in the offshore lifting and onshore lifting (Lifting Technical Authority), replacing it in case of absence, checking the lifting plans in all their parts;
  • Support the Head of the Department of Infrastructure in the management of the Marine Base in relation to the material handling and leasing contracts of the Marine Base itself;
  • Manage, in collaboration with the Marine Experts, the maritime operations and all the operators carried out by them, organizing the times and the transport in an efficient way, to allow the comfort of the passengers and the effectiveness of the activities;
  • Ensure compliance with all the Client's HSE rules, in relation to lifting operations, approach to boat landings and the carrying out of maritime transport of personnel and materials;
  • General commitment to compliance with HSE procedures and use of common sense in carrying out operations, performing site visits and applying Stop-Work Authority if any anomalies are present;


  • The successful candidate must have extensive experience with marine and/or rig move operations.
  • Marine background at least 5+ years' experience in similar role

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Tipo di occupazione:Contratto a tempo determinato
Durata dell'occupazione:12 Months, renewable


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